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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
IICD annual report 2015 June 2016
Connect4Change (C4C) 2011-2015 Final Report December 2015
Supporting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment using ICT, CCLE Gender Summary Report 2009 July 2009

Summary Learning report 2007: Ecuador Agriculture & Governance July 2007
Improving visual teaching material: Lessons learned from enahncing the visual presentation of eductional content (ENEDCO) April 2010
Enhancing Equal Opportunities and Benefits for Women and Men in Implementing Hospital Management Information Systems December 2015
Using ICT to Enhance Equal Involvement of Men and Women in Maternal Healthcare December 2015
Promoting Equal Chances for Men and Women to Use and Benefit from ICT-Enabled Agricultural Value Chain Development December 2015

Promoting Equal Chances for Women and Men to Use and Benefit from ICT-enabled Solutions December 2015

C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Case study Ghana December 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Case study Zambia December 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Roadmap for Impact December 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Lessons Learned Report December 2015
Connectivity in the community: experiences from Bolivia May 2006
Rural Access: Options and Challenges for Connectivity and Energy in Ghana October 2008
Rural Access: Options and Challenges for Connectivity and Energy in Zambia January 2008
Best practices of ICT4D projects in Zambia July 2005
The e-Brain Forum of Zambia February 2008
Rural connectivity for development: Experiences from Ecuador May 2008
Rural Connectivity and Energy for ICT in Jamaica November 2007
Rural Access and Connectivity in Tanzania July 2007
Connect-for-Change (C4C) Education Ghana Alliance documentary May 2015
Africa eHealth Solutions (AeHS) Information Sheet November 2015

ChaskiTech Information Sheet November 2015

Locally Relevant Learning Materials for Rural Schools through Digital Offline Libraries August 2014
Documenting Indigenous Knowledge Through Participatory Video in Cusco, Peru August 2013
Education Organisations in Peru Increase Collaboration with New Website October 2011
Computers and Multimedia Boost Bilingual Education in Peru August 2011
Thousands of Rural Business Women Benefit from Digital Skills Building Programme in Peru April 2014

Digital Skills and Tools Empower Female Farmers in Peru February 2014
Young Peruvians Use Social Media to Promote Agro-Ecological Production August 2012

Farmers in Peru Share Organic Farming Expertise via Internet January 2012
Ma Santé: Saving Lives of Mothers and Children July 2014
Support at the Centre June 2012
Extending X-ray vision April 2009
ExoTalent Information Sheet November 2015

IICD annual report 2014 July 2015
IICD annual report 2013 July 2014
IICD annual report 2012 July 2013
IICD annual report 2011 July 2012
IICD annual report 2010 July 2011
IICD annual report 2009 July 2010
IICD annual report 2008 July 2009
IICD annual report 2007 July 2008
IICD annual report 2006 July 2007
IICD annual report 2005 July 2006
IICD annual report 2004 July 2005
IICD annual report 2003 July 2004
IICD annual report 2002 July 2003
IICD annual report 2001 July 2002
IICD annual report 2000 July 2001
IICD annual report 1999 July 2000
Making it work, 10 years of people, ICT and development with IICD July 2006
Changing Lives Through Mobile: 5 Questions on Social Impact on Youth and Employment June 2013
IICD and Microsoft’s online platform to bridge the gap for job seekers and entrepreneurs May 2015
Education Experts Discuss Market-Relevant Skill Building Solutions to Curb Youth Unemployment November 2014

Home Based Care Workers Test Mobile Patient Service in Malawi August 2012
E-learning Solutions Help Nurses Renew Licences in Malawi August 2013
mHealth Solutions Breaking Barriers to Improve Access to Maternal Healthcare March 2015
Affordable Tablets for Turning Overcrowded Classrooms into Collaborative Learning Spaces July 2014
Enabling the Youth to Learn, Work and Earn in a Smart Way July 2015

Thematic Networking at IICD: Sharing knowledge about ICTs within development sectors November 2003
Monitoring and Evaluation for learning – IICD’s unique approach July 2008
From need to sustainability, Empowering people to use ICT for their development January 2013

The national ICT policy in Bolivia: An evaluation of the policy formulation process 2003-2006 October 2007
ICT4D Tech Forum ‘Eclipse Edition’ – Knowledge Sharing on ICT4D from a Technology Perspective March 2006
The TICBolivia country programme: The impact of IICD support for poverty reduction and development using ICTs, 2000-2004 July 2005
Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing (GINKS): The National ICT4D Network in Ghana January 2009
e-Brain Forum of Zambia: The National ICT4D Network in Zambia January 2010
Promoting information-sharing in Ghana using video blogging June 2009
Uniting through networks – The art of fostering ICT for development networks July 2006
Uniting through networks – The art of fostering ICT for development networks July 2006
The ICT Roundtable Process, Lessons learned from facilitating ICT-enabled development September 2004
IN-country networking at IICD Maximising the development impact of ICTs October 2004
Africa eHealth Solutions, Sustaining Health Innovations Across Africa May 2015

IICD Approach to M&E and Impact Assessment April 2008
IICD Annual Report 2012 July 2013
How IICD supports healthcare in Africa by using ICT April 2013
The Advantages of Digital Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions June 2014
ICT Solutions for Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains May 2014
ICT Solutions for Strengthening SRHR Programmes August 2015
Integrating ICTs in Vocational Training: A Pilot Project Step-by-Step July 2013
I COLLABORATE, E-COLLABORATE, WE COLLABORATE: A collection of stories about e-collaboration experiences July 2007
Quinoa 2.0 November 2015
IICD at a glance May 2012
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – introduction May 2010
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – governance sector May 2010

IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – education sector May 2010
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – health sector May 2010

IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – livelihoods sector May 2010

ICTs in Education September 2014
Ministry launches ICT Capacity Development Centre – Ghana Television Report December 2008
Digitalization de la Memoria Historica – Preserving ecuadors history April 2009
IICD’s Cross Country Learning Event 2008 in Mali April 2009
Managing Director Caroline Figuères talks about IICD’s strategy in Zambia April 2009
Presenting IICD September 2009
Global Teenager Project (GTP) BBC documentary September 2009
Ghanaian farmers get better prices for their crops by using mobile phones October 2009
Youth empowerment through ICT in by Ndola Resource Centre Zambia November 2009
Students from around the world learn together with the Global Teenager project December 2009