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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
IICD annual report 2015 June 2016
Créer un changement durable: Renforcement des capacités humaines par les TIC January 2013
Enfoque – De la necesidad a la sostenibilidad: Empoderando a la gente con el uso de las TIC para su desarrollo January 2013
Connect4Change (C4C) 2011-2015 Final Report December 2015
Connectivity in the community: experiences from Bolivia May 2006
Rural Access: Options and Challenges for Connectivity and Energy in Ghana October 2008
Quand le moment est venu de quitter la scène November 2015
Cuando es el momento de abandonar el escenario November 2015
IICD annual report 2014 July 2015
IICD annual report 2013 July 2014
IICD annual report 2012 July 2013
IICD annual report 2011 July 2012
IICD annual report 2010 July 2011
IICD annual report 2009 July 2010
IICD annual report 2008 July 2009
IICD annual report 2007 July 2008
IICD annual report 2006 July 2007
IICD annual report 2005 July 2006
IICD annual report 2004 July 2005
IICD annual report 2003 July 2004
IICD annual report 2002 July 2003
IICD annual report 2001 July 2002
IICD annual report 2000 July 2001
IICD annual report 1999 July 2000
Making it work, 10 years of people, ICT and development with IICD July 2006
From need to sustainability, Empowering people to use ICT for their development January 2013

IICD Approach to M&E and Impact Assessment April 2008
IICD Annual Report 2012 July 2013
The Advantages of Digital Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions June 2014
I COLLABORATE, E-COLLABORATE, WE COLLABORATE: A collection of stories about e-collaboration experiences July 2007
IICD at a glance May 2012
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – introduction May 2010
Jan Pronk talks about the future of development July 2010
The IICD Approach August 2010
Summary of IICD Annual Report 2009 August 2010
Bernhard van Oranje congratulates IICD October 2011
Ben Knapen speaks about ICT for a greener economy October 2011
Jozias van Aartsen: the importance of ICT for a greener economy in developing countries October 2011
Kentaro Toyama’s keynote at the ‘ICT for a greener economy’ conference (long version) October 2011
Caroline Figuères: 15 years of IICD October 2011