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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Connect-for-Change (C4C) Education Ghana Alliance documentary May 2015
IICD Annual Report 2012 July 2013
How IICD supports healthcare in Africa by using ICT April 2013
Quinoa 2.0 November 2015
IICD at a glance May 2012
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – introduction May 2010
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – governance sector May 2010

IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – education sector May 2010
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – health sector May 2010

IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – livelihoods sector May 2010

IICD – Virtual Educa 2014 (Umbrales – TVPeru) August 2014
ICTs in Education September 2014
Construyendo Periodismo Ciudadano November 2008
Consejos Cantonales Juveniles November 2008
Ministry launches ICT Capacity Development Centre – Ghana Television Report December 2008
Digitalization de la Memoria Historica – Preserving ecuadors history April 2009
IICD’s Cross Country Learning Event 2008 in Mali April 2009
Managing Director Caroline Figuères talks about IICD’s strategy in Zambia April 2009
Presenting IICD September 2009
Global Teenager Project (GTP) BBC documentary September 2009
Ghanaian farmers get better prices for their crops by using mobile phones October 2009
Youth empowerment through ICT in by Ndola Resource Centre Zambia November 2009
Students from around the world learn together with the Global Teenager project December 2009
Citizens Participation project, Ecuador April 2010
Journalists in Ecuador use website and mobile phones for news coverage May 2010
Jan Pronk talks about the future of development July 2010
The IICD Approach August 2010
Summary of IICD Annual Report 2009 August 2010
Presenting IICD August 2010
Zambian teachers and students increase their computer skills October 2010
Hospital in Tanzania uses the internet to get online advice from medical specialists January 2011
How telemedicine shortens distances in Mali January 2011
Bernhard van Oranje congratulates IICD October 2011
Ben Knapen speaks about ICT for a greener economy October 2011
Jozias van Aartsen: the importance of ICT for a greener economy in developing countries October 2011
Kentaro Toyama’s keynote at the ‘ICT for a greener economy’ conference (long version) October 2011
Caroline Figuères: 15 years of IICD October 2011
Radio about gender becomes eye opener for villagers April 2012
Helping people in rural Ghana to access health insurance April 2012
World of Difference 2012 September 2012
How IICD helps entrepreneurs in Africa and Latin America via ICT November 2012
Market information test starts in Burkina Faso March 2013