Construyendo Periodismo Ciudadano

The goal of organisation Participación Ciudadana is to involve the Ecuadorian society in processes of social transformation. For this process to occur it is vital that citizens are informed properly and impartially. The underlying project aims to publish an electronic newspaper called Ciudadanía Informada with a national ambition but produced by regional news agencies in the provinces of Azuay, Guayas, Imbabura and Orellana in order to counterbalance the centralised, urban bias in Ecuadorian journalism. The newspaper is published on the web site of Participación Ciudadana and focuses on political, juridical, legislative, electoral, citizenry, and Latin American matters. To complement the information provided and to allow for a deepening of analyses the project also accommodates the publication of blogs, electronic forums and interactive graphics.
Date November 2008