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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Supporting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment using ICT, CCLE Gender Summary Report 2009 July 2009

Support at the Centre June 2012
The TICBolivia country programme: The impact of IICD support for poverty reduction and development using ICTs, 2000-2004 July 2005
The ICT Roundtable Process, Lessons learned from facilitating ICT-enabled development September 2004
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – governance sector May 2010

Construyendo Periodismo Ciudadano November 2008
Consejos Cantonales Juveniles November 2008
Ministry launches ICT Capacity Development Centre – Ghana Television Report December 2008
Digitalization de la Memoria Historica – Preserving ecuadors history April 2009
Citizens Participation project, Ecuador April 2010
Journalists in Ecuador use website and mobile phones for news coverage May 2010
Radio about gender becomes eye opener for villagers April 2012
The Jèkafo Gèlèkan Project Making Communication between Local Farmers’ Commitees easier July 2008
Summary Learning Report 2008, Tanzania Good Governance programme July 2008
Using ICT in the Governance Sector July 2009
IICD’s approach to telecentres in Africa and South America July 2009

Computerisation Kinondoni: A five year learning process December 2008
E-Governance in the Developing World in Action: The Case of DistrictNet in Uganda October 2006