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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Las TIC en el Aula para una Educación de Calidad – Fortaleciendo los métodos de enseñanza y aprendizaje en escuelas con insuficientes recursos en países en desarrollo September 2014
Connect4Change (C4C) 2011-2015 Final Report December 2015
Improving visual teaching material: Lessons learned from enahncing the visual presentation of eductional content (ENEDCO) April 2010
Soluciones tecnológicas en educación intercultural bilingüe en escuelas y comunidades de Los Andes Peruanos September 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Case study Ghana December 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Case study Zambia December 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Roadmap for Impact December 2015
C4C ICT-for-Education Study, Lessons Learned Report December 2015
Connect-for-Change (C4C) Education Ghana Alliance documentary May 2015
ChaskiTech Information Sheet November 2015

Locally Relevant Learning Materials for Rural Schools through Digital Offline Libraries August 2014
Documenting Indigenous Knowledge Through Participatory Video in Cusco, Peru August 2013
Education Organisations in Peru Increase Collaboration with New Website October 2011
ExoTalent Information Sheet November 2015

Affordable Tablets for Turning Overcrowded Classrooms into Collaborative Learning Spaces July 2014
The national ICT policy in Bolivia: An evaluation of the policy formulation process 2003-2006 October 2007
The TICBolivia country programme: The impact of IICD support for poverty reduction and development using ICTs, 2000-2004 July 2005
The ICT Roundtable Process, Lessons learned from facilitating ICT-enabled development September 2004
Integrating ICTs in Vocational Training: A Pilot Project Step-by-Step July 2013
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – education sector May 2010
ICTs in Education September 2014
Global Teenager Project (GTP) BBC documentary September 2009
Students from around the world learn together with the Global Teenager project December 2009
ICT in education in Tanzania May 2007
ICT in the Zambian Classroom: Lessons learned from the Education Support Network Project (ESNet) January 2010
The Global Teenager project: A world class initiative July 2002
ICT for education: five years of learning March 2013
ICT for Education in Burkina Faso: Lessons learned from the TICE-Burkina project December 2008
ICT in the Classroom for Quality Education: Strengthening learning and teaching methods in under-resourced schools in developing countries September 2014

ICTs in Education: Some practical lessons learned May 2008

National Policy and Strategy on ICT in Education: Report of current status of ICT in Education February 2014
IICD in the Education Sector July 2010

ICTs for Education: Impact and lessons learned from IICD-supported activities November 2007