» Capacity development

  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Enfoque – De la necesidad a la sostenibilidad: Empoderando a la gente con el uso de las TIC para su desarrollo January 2013
Improving visual teaching material: Lessons learned from enahncing the visual presentation of eductional content (ENEDCO) April 2010
Locally Relevant Learning Materials for Rural Schools through Digital Offline Libraries August 2014
Documenting Indigenous Knowledge Through Participatory Video in Cusco, Peru August 2013
Thousands of Rural Business Women Benefit from Digital Skills Building Programme in Peru April 2014

Digital Skills and Tools Empower Female Farmers in Peru February 2014
Farmers in Peru Share Organic Farming Expertise via Internet January 2012
Support at the Centre June 2012
ExoTalent Information Sheet November 2015

Changing Lives Through Mobile: 5 Questions on Social Impact on Youth and Employment June 2013
E-learning Solutions Help Nurses Renew Licences in Malawi August 2013
From need to sustainability, Empowering people to use ICT for their development January 2013

ICT4D Tech Forum ‘Eclipse Edition’ – Knowledge Sharing on ICT4D from a Technology Perspective March 2006
The TICBolivia country programme: The impact of IICD support for poverty reduction and development using ICTs, 2000-2004 July 2005
Ministry launches ICT Capacity Development Centre – Ghana Television Report December 2008
ICT for Education in Burkina Faso: Lessons learned from the TICE-Burkina project December 2008