» ICT policy

  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Enfoque – De la necesidad a la sostenibilidad: Empoderando a la gente con el uso de las TIC para su desarrollo January 2013
The e-Brain Forum of Zambia February 2008
Thematic Networking at IICD: Sharing knowledge about ICTs within development sectors November 2003
From need to sustainability, Empowering people to use ICT for their development January 2013

The national ICT policy in Bolivia: An evaluation of the policy formulation process 2003-2006 October 2007
The TICBolivia country programme: The impact of IICD support for poverty reduction and development using ICTs, 2000-2004 July 2005
Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing (GINKS): The National ICT4D Network in Ghana January 2009
e-Brain Forum of Zambia: The National ICT4D Network in Zambia January 2010
ICTs for agricultural livelihoods: Impact and lessons learned from IICD suported activities July 2006

Using ICT in the Health Sector July 2009

ICTs for Education: Impact and lessons learned from IICD-supported activities November 2007