ICTs for agricultural livelihoods: Impact and lessons learned from IICD suported activities

This impact booklet is part of a series on the use of ICT in various sectors in developing countries. It describes IICD's experiences, achievements and lessons learned in using ICT to enhance agriculture and economic development from projects implemented in Jamaica, Ghana, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Uganda, Ecuadro and Mali, and provides examples of the many ways in which ICTs contribute to poverty alleviation in the agriculture sector. It also shares IICD's and partners' experiences in taking a learning-by-doing approach, thereby contributing to a better understanding of ICTs and their contribution to reaching the MDGs in the agricultural sector.
Date July 2006



2006_IICD_impact-study_Livelihoods_Eng.pdf pdf file, 511.37 KB