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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
La juventud, las TIC y la agricultura – Explorando cómo las herramientas y habilidades digitales influyen en la motivación de campesinos jóvenes November 2013
Soluciones TIC para Cadenas de Valor Agrícolas Incluyentes – Fortalecer asociaciones de productores para que usen la tecnología para mejorar, mantener y beneficiarse del crecimiento agrícola May 2014
Connect4Change (C4C) 2011-2015 Final Report December 2015
Supporting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment using ICT, CCLE Gender Summary Report 2009 July 2009

Summary Learning report 2007: Ecuador Agriculture & Governance July 2007
Promoting Equal Chances for Men and Women to Use and Benefit from ICT-Enabled Agricultural Value Chain Development December 2015

Promoting Equal Chances for Women and Men to Use and Benefit from ICT-enabled Solutions December 2015

Young Peruvians Use Social Media to Promote Agro-Ecological Production August 2012

Farmers in Peru Share Organic Farming Expertise via Internet January 2012
ExoTalent Information Sheet November 2015

The TICBolivia country programme: The impact of IICD support for poverty reduction and development using ICTs, 2000-2004 July 2005
The ICT Roundtable Process, Lessons learned from facilitating ICT-enabled development September 2004
ICT Solutions for Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains May 2014
Quinoa 2.0 November 2015
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – livelihoods sector May 2010

Ghanaian farmers get better prices for their crops by using mobile phones October 2009
How IICD helps entrepreneurs in Africa and Latin America via ICT November 2012
Market information test starts in Burkina Faso March 2013
Helping Farmers in ‘The Land of Honest Men’ Experiences of using ICT to support Burkina Faso’s agricultural sector November 2008
Using ICT in the Agricultural Livelihoods Sector July 2008
Increasing agricultural production through ICT Lessons learned from a farmers’ federation in Burkina Faso February 2010
IICD in the Economic Development sector July 2011
ICT for rural economic development: five years of learning March 2012
The Jèkafo Gèlèkan Project Making Communication between Local Farmers’ Commitees easier July 2008
Youth, ICTs and Agriculture Exploring how digital tools and skills influence the motivation of young farmers November 2013
More effective information flow between researchers, extension officers and farmers in Zambia – Lessons learned from the Zambian Agriculture Research Institute January 2011
Eastern Corridor Agro-Information Centre ECAMIC: A three year learning process February 2009
ICTs for agricultural livelihoods: Impact and lessons learned from IICD suported activities July 2006

The Rural Information System of the Uganda Commodity Exchange October 2007
Improving farmer livelihoods by access to information: Supporting the agriculture sector in Bolivia with information and communication technologies October 2008
Multimedia centres for farmers and health workers: Lessons learned from the Association of Church Development Projects (ACDEP) January 2011