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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Enfoque – De la necesidad a la sostenibilidad: Empoderando a la gente con el uso de las TIC para su desarrollo January 2013
Summary Learning report 2007: Ecuador Agriculture & Governance July 2007
Monitoring and Evaluation for learning – IICD’s unique approach July 2008
From need to sustainability, Empowering people to use ICT for their development January 2013

The national ICT policy in Bolivia: An evaluation of the policy formulation process 2003-2006 October 2007
Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing (GINKS): The National ICT4D Network in Ghana January 2009
e-Brain Forum of Zambia: The National ICT4D Network in Zambia January 2010
IICD Approach to M&E and Impact Assessment April 2008
The Advantages of Digital Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions June 2014
Ghanaian farmers get better prices for their crops by using mobile phones October 2009
Increasing agricultural production through ICT Lessons learned from a farmers’ federation in Burkina Faso February 2010
More effective information flow between researchers, extension officers and farmers in Zambia – Lessons learned from the Zambian Agriculture Research Institute January 2011
Eastern Corridor Agro-Information Centre ECAMIC: A three year learning process February 2009
The Rural Information System of the Uganda Commodity Exchange October 2007
Youth Promotion through ICT, Lessons learned from the Chawama Youth Project November 2009
Summary Learning Report 2008, Tanzania Good Governance programme July 2008
Computerisation Kinondoni: A five year learning process December 2008
E-Governance in the Developing World in Action: The Case of DistrictNet in Uganda October 2006
Health Management Information System for Hospitals: Lessons learned from a Tanzanian experience September 2010
Connecting medical specialists in rural hospitals: Lessons learned from the telemedicine project in Tanzania September 2010
ICT, a genuine tool to reduce isolation and raise health awareness January 2011
Realising a lasting jump in health care performance: Challenges and achievements in the Tanzania health sector September 2008
The impact of the IICD health projects March 2008
Multimedia centres for farmers and health workers: Lessons learned from the Association of Church Development Projects (ACDEP) January 2011
ICT for Education in Burkina Faso: Lessons learned from the TICE-Burkina project December 2008