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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
La juventud, las TIC y la agricultura – Explorando cómo las herramientas y habilidades digitales influyen en la motivación de campesinos jóvenes November 2013
Soluciones TIC para Cadenas de Valor Agrícolas Incluyentes – Fortalecer asociaciones de productores para que usen la tecnología para mejorar, mantener y beneficiarse del crecimiento agrícola May 2014
Promoting Equal Chances for Men and Women to Use and Benefit from ICT-Enabled Agricultural Value Chain Development December 2015

Connect-for-Change (C4C) Education Ghana Alliance documentary May 2015
Young Peruvians Use Social Media to Promote Agro-Ecological Production August 2012

Changing Lives Through Mobile: 5 Questions on Social Impact on Youth and Employment June 2013
IICD and Microsoft’s online platform to bridge the gap for job seekers and entrepreneurs May 2015
Education Experts Discuss Market-Relevant Skill Building Solutions to Curb Youth Unemployment November 2014

Enabling the Youth to Learn, Work and Earn in a Smart Way July 2015

ICT Solutions for Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains May 2014
ICT Solutions for Strengthening SRHR Programmes August 2015
Integrating ICTs in Vocational Training: A Pilot Project Step-by-Step July 2013
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – education sector May 2010
ICTs in Education September 2014
Consejos Cantonales Juveniles November 2008
Managing Director Caroline Figuères talks about IICD’s strategy in Zambia April 2009
Zambian teachers and students increase their computer skills October 2010
World of Difference 2012 September 2012
ICT for rural economic development: five years of learning March 2012
Youth, ICTs and Agriculture Exploring how digital tools and skills influence the motivation of young farmers November 2013
Youth Promotion through ICT, Lessons learned from the Chawama Youth Project November 2009
Zambia’s Youth Centre Leveraging Programme: Increasing employment chances for Zambian youth July 2009
The Zambian Chawama Youth Project brings life skills to local youth and women through ICTs July 2005
IICD in the Education Sector July 2010