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  Title Date Type Countries Sector
Connect4Change (C4C) 2011-2015 Final Report December 2015
Enhancing Equal Opportunities and Benefits for Women and Men in Implementing Hospital Management Information Systems December 2015
Using ICT to Enhance Equal Involvement of Men and Women in Maternal Healthcare December 2015
Promoting Equal Chances for Women and Men to Use and Benefit from ICT-enabled Solutions December 2015

Africa eHealth Solutions (AeHS) Information Sheet November 2015

Ma Santé: Saving Lives of Mothers and Children July 2014
Home Based Care Workers Test Mobile Patient Service in Malawi August 2012
mHealth Solutions Breaking Barriers to Improve Access to Maternal Healthcare March 2015
The ICT Roundtable Process, Lessons learned from facilitating ICT-enabled development September 2004
Africa eHealth Solutions, Sustaining Health Innovations Across Africa May 2015

How IICD supports healthcare in Africa by using ICT April 2013
ICT Solutions for Strengthening SRHR Programmes August 2015
IICD’s users and beneficiaries in 2009 – health sector May 2010

Hospital in Tanzania uses the internet to get online advice from medical specialists January 2011
How telemedicine shortens distances in Mali January 2011
Helping people in rural Ghana to access health insurance April 2012
World of Difference 2012 September 2012
Change management guide for church-based health facilities: Improving Tanzanian healthcare delivery by using ICT September 2010
Health Management Information System for Hospitals: Lessons learned from a Tanzanian experience September 2010
Connecting medical specialists in rural hospitals: Lessons learned from the telemedicine project in Tanzania September 2010
ICT, a genuine tool to reduce isolation and raise health awareness January 2011
IICD in the Health sector July 2011
IKON – Telemedicine Shortening distances to strengthen health systems and improve healthcare April 2015
ICT for health: five years of learning January 2014
Teleradiology in Mali (IKON): Quick diagnoses and better treatments in rural areas July 2008
Realising a lasting jump in health care performance: Challenges and achievements in the Tanzania health sector September 2008
The impact of the IICD health projects March 2008
Multimedia centres for farmers and health workers: Lessons learned from the Association of Church Development Projects (ACDEP) January 2011